Day 1 #MERIT18


Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely in love with waking up before the birds start chirping. [A sarcasm font would be extra helpful to get my point across.] Yet, here I am, on a Monday…in July…waking up for a 1.5-2 hour commute to complete Day 1/10 of Professional Development.

This morning, I groaned (in my head) when I learned we were going to learn how to use Google docs and slides. However, it went much better. Attitude really does change everything. Being in the same room with other enthusiastic (and EXTREMELY talented, dedicated, etc.) educators really changed my attitude toward the whole morning. I had my notebook, laptop, and my morning coffee ready to go. Brian’s exciting presentation totally changed it for me.


Google Slides 101
One of the assignments during the Google slides portion of the day. The assignment was to create a slide about a historical figure. I could see my students choosing historical figures that were taught in their previous history classes. This means that the chances that POC historical figures that aren’t Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. could be very low. So I chose to do my slide on someone that I never saw in my history books.

After lunch, I got to learn about more new stuff like iorad, pocketcast, and pic collage. Actually, I’m pretty sure I already knew about these, but listening to how other educators use them in their profession was way more helpful.

Learning Logo
Logo I made using Google Drawing.


Google Drawing 101
Learned how to group images and the beginning to making a logo.

My favorite part of the day: Sketchnoting 101

Misty (#MERIT16) taught us how she introduces Sketchnoting to her students. I’m all about the doodling AND handwritten notes. I always attach an article to reading notes assignment about how it’s much better to take notes by hand instead of typing them out.

Here’s a photo of my Sketchnote. I pretty much had a brain dump of everything I was thinking of after lunch. I thought that this would be a great way to learn about the students in the classroom as well as getting them to think of notetaking in a different way.  Something that I’m going to have to include in their thinking: POP! → Process over Product. I would be the kind of student that would think about having a great end product instead of focusing on my thinking in the moment.

Sketchnoting 101 with Misty

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