Schoology Header

As I was doing my daily stroll through Twitter for some edu-inspo, I came across this tweet: Schoology’s current set-up allows us to create folders and subfolders that kind of looks like Google Drive. For me, it’s hard to go through files and files of paperwork to search for something I need. I imagine thatContinue reading “Schoology Header”

AP Computer Science Principles Summer Institute 2020

June 29-Jul 2, 2020 @Molloy College with Jill Westerlund pre-COVID: I took a one-day AP workshop in January with Jill to help me teach AP Computer Science Principles more effectively. It’s my first year teaching, and I mostly went along with the flow of relying on CodeHS as the vehicle to deliver the instruction. IContinue reading “AP Computer Science Principles Summer Institute 2020”