Python Programming Unit (2019)

Day 1- What is Hacking? In our Making, Hacking, Tinkering class, we have to Hack. I spent my Christmas vacation trying to figure out how to teach programming/come up with activities that suit the gamete of no programming skills all the way to lots of programming skills. To start, I thought it would be kindContinue reading “Python Programming Unit (2019)”

Day 17- Building continued

Day 1 of Building- Students mainly counted their LEGO pieces. The reason we do this is so that students know how many pieces they have and have discussions of how they can use certain pieces that didn’t initially show up in their Plan phase. This is one of the videos created by the students toContinue reading “Day 17- Building continued”

Day 10 MHT- Field trip to Chorus Room

MHT students went across the street to the DePaul campus to see the construction of the chorus room. It was supposed to be ready by the end of the summer, but there were some complications. One of the main complications was that the hole (or something like it) required by HVAC could not be supportedContinue reading “Day 10 MHT- Field trip to Chorus Room”

Day 9- Quiz, Iso Name, College Dorm Planning Day 2

We took our very first pencil and paper quiz. Students had to convert mat plans to iso/ortho views of the structure. Most of the students did well. Quite a few misread the front. I think we’ll have to review where the front is on a mat plan. Very few students struggled and asked for cubesContinue reading “Day 9- Quiz, Iso Name, College Dorm Planning Day 2”

Day 8- College Dorm Project Day 1

Today, I introduced our big building design project. In the past, students were required to design a building, any kind of building, using all the pieces that come in the Lego Architecture Studio box. Students were not allowed to create pools out of leftover pieces. What ended up happening last year is that students builtContinue reading “Day 8- College Dorm Project Day 1”

Day 4- more practice.

I think the order of the drawing practices need to be clearer. How do I present isometric and orthographic views to be more aligned with the principles of Modeling Instruction? I like how we did the mat plan discussion, but maybe not so much so as a Schoology discussion. Perhaps creating a packet as weContinue reading “Day 4- more practice.”

Day 3- Perspective

Agenda: FCI, Class Expectations Document, Finish iso/ortho intro, mat plans, HW: discussion Makers took the FCI today. I was mostly interested to know how well they retained their physics content knowledge from freshman year. I’m curious to know which students are in the honors programs and how the curriculum was taught. Basically, I want toContinue reading “Day 3- Perspective”