Day 2- MHT

I could not for the life of me remember what we did last year on Day 2. Luckily, Past Mariflor thought ahead and documented it in a planner and daily slides. However, some of those notes didn’t make sense. So once again, I’m glad I’m doing this blog now. Luckily, I’m teaching two blocks of this class now so I can make some necessary adjustments. Here are two agenda items I came up with. I was able to tweak it for Block 3.

Tinkering Block 1 Tinkering Block 3
  • Prayer Sign-Up
  • Class Survey
  • Isometric & Lined Paper

*setup prayer slides sooner; show how to use iso dot

  • Prayer Setup
  • Safety Contract
  • Course Syllabus
  • Intro to Iso/Ortho
    • Iso Drawing #1
    • Iso/Ortho Format

I like how I did the prayer sign-up this year. Instead of using Google docs, the students made their own slide. It saves me time AND they get to really design it. I really liked how it set a calming atmosphere at the beginning of class too. I will need a better way of presenting the Safety Contract and Course Syllabus. I really hate doing it, but it’s necessary. Next year, I’ll find a way to make it more entertaining.

Introducing the isometric graph papers and its nuances was much better than passing out the paper and asking students to draw on it. We drew shapes on the lined paper first. At this point, I wanted students to just draw lines that result in a 3D looking object. Some took longer than others. We moved onto the Isometric/ Orthographic Drawing Format. I did that by having them look at three orthographic views. They have to build it with the blocks, and then draw it in the iso/ortho format. We didn’t finish this exercise. I need to think about a better way of introducing the concept of drawing 2D and 3D. Should I draw 3D first and THEN 2D or the other way around? I found a pretty good resource for orthographic projections: Intro to Orthographic Projection.


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