Day 24 Physics- LeBron defies gravity

Today, we had our Types of Forces discussion. I went over the slides that the wonderful Mrs. F created before I came to SHC about the types of forces we will use in class. I like this discussion because it allows students to DO some of the information we share. They get to actually experience how the particles of something might be moving when to surfaces are sliding past each other. Mrs. F is really great at having these great ideas of how to share the content with our students.

Then we came to gravity. I asked the students: “What do you know about gravity?”


Not sure if you can see it, but one of my students knows that LeBron defies gravity. Though I’m not a Lakers or King James fan, I threw it up on the board anyway. Most teachers I’ve had would have poo-poo’d it and would’ve said that it wasn’t appropriate. But if that’s all somebody knows about gravity…then that’s all they know. Value what students know and build upon it!

BONUS: I had students use flipgrid as an assessment of their takeaways from the class’s discussion. It is the cutest most adorable assignment ever. I can also clearly see what the students have learned/not yet learned. Thanks #MERIT18 for the confidence to allow me to assign this!

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