Happy Valentine’s Day!

It has been challenging trying to teach entry level coding to a group of seniors who are at varying levels of coding. Last year, we (Making, Hacking, and Tinkering teachers) decided to create a paper and pen quiz. It was a terrible idea with good intentions. First of all, students weren’t used to handwriting code out, so indentations and lining up the lines of code were all over the place. Second, unless you’ve been coding for a while, you don’t really have the functions memorized. This year, I decided to have them code for a couple different projects. Quiz 2 was to make a Valentine’s Day card that the user can choose who it’s for and who it’s from. Some students who have had more experienced allowed the user to choose their message. Some users were also able to retrieve an image file and include it into their card. There were some assignments turned in who are obviously frustrated by programming, but I’d like to share some of the more creative ones! Not everyone has turned them in yet, but I’m sure they’ll come in soon!


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