Day 25 Physics: Bowling Balls Day!

Day 1-ish of Forces and Newton’s Laws, Part 1:

Last week, we went to the newly refinished gym to do bowling balls. I told the students how nervous I was to take them up to the gym because I did not want to get this privilege revoked due to us ruining the newly refinished floors. For the most part, students definitely adhered to the behavior agreements we discussed before leaving the classroom. This activity is credited to Noschese (2011) for this awesome activity.

We downloaded the Motion Shot app so that the students can use it to see what they’re doing, but also so that students who have awesome pictures can be seen by the rest of the class! Here are some photos:

Block 2 student demonstrating the speeding up. We talked about tapping the ball the same amount of “strength” and the student having to pick up speed to make sure that the ball doesn’t hit the wall or accidentally roll over any feet. 
After sharing this photo with the class, I realized that they were trying to show the bowling ball is moving at constant velocity by tapping the ball at the same “strength.” I am realizing that this was an error, and I showed this to the students anyway as an informal discussion of error analyses. 
Block 2 student showing how they got the bowling ball to slow down by tapping on the opposite side of the ball’s direction. 
Block 2 student showing off that they got the ball (and him) to stand still by not touching it. They also concluded that the gym floors are really “slippery” and didn’t allow the ball to stay still. 


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