Teachers Pay Teachers

Today, I opened up my “store” on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) at the suggestion of my department chair after sharing something I made with him. The suggestion made to monetize my work is a great idea. My boyfriend thought it was a brilliant idea after I explained TpT. He was surprised that I wasn’t selling the stuff I’ve made already. However, I have mixed feelings about it.

  1. I’ve purchased lesson plans and unit bundles on TpT as a starting point when I absolutely had no clue where to start. It helped me and I’m glad I could help someone. BUT…
  2. When I couldn’t afford TpT materials, it forced me to make my own or be creative. It got to a point in my teaching career that I could stop purchasing ideas from TpT and start making my own.

Anyway, I thought I’d try it out and see how it goes. I don’t have much of a following as it is, but we’ll see! Check it out!

TpT- Learning with Miss Medrano

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