Day 30: Quiz and turning our motion maps

We’re about 10 days out from taking the final, and we’re just now taking the first quiz for velocity. During the next-x discussion, a lot of the students LOOKED like they were paying attention. There were lots of copying down whatever was being written down on the board. However, today, after looking at the quizzes that were turned in coupled with the questions that were asked during office hours, it does not seem like we actually understand the next-x function.

I asked some students to explain velocity, delta-x, and the next-x function and how it’s all related, and there was a lot of challenge articulating how they all work together. I forgot about the video that the students watched about Independent and Dependent Variables. Because the students are 9th graders, most students have had some sort of instruction about IV and DV. It was pretty exciting to some that they recognized something from previous classes. The most we got in our discussion is that they drew a second axis line. The students have their motion map axis (which some have named as position) and the second axis line (that some figured out is called time).

Next class, I’m hoping to move the data points so that they can see a slope on their newly formed graph.

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