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As I was doing my daily stroll through Twitter for some edu-inspo, I came across this tweet:

Schoology’s current set-up allows us to create folders and subfolders that kind of looks like Google Drive. For me, it’s hard to go through files and files of paperwork to search for something I need. I imagine that it’s a similar experience for students. I really like how this format makes it more visual for our students, and it’s so very obvious which item leads you to the syllabus.

My versions have already gone through two iterations, but I think I’ll post them so that I have them to use as reference for later. Honestly, I was really bummed about starting the school year behind a camera, but I’m slowly getting more excited for it. Here are my own versions of Schoology Headers:

This is meant for AP Computer Science Principles (10th-12th grades)

This one is for Physics (9th graders)

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