Day 2 #MERIT18

Morning session included a very information heavy course of learning about and how to use HyperDoc in the classroom given by Karly Moura. I was able to see a really great sample one for Introduction to Engineering Design. I’m most definitely going to find a way to re-mix it and use it for the Making, Hacking, and Tinkering class as an introduction in the beginning of the year. Most of my questions were answered throughout the session. One of them being: Isn’t this really just a digital & virtual worksheet? After going through it, it’s just a really great way for students to interact with the lesson. Also learned how to use Flipgrid, but wasn’t a huge fan during the session. During lunch, I was convinced to at least give it a try during the school year.


EXTRA STUFF: My awesome carpool Felicia Suminski advocated for Listenwise and Alice Keeler Webcam. Not completely sure what about it I liked, I wrote it down. So I’m sure I heard something I liked. This is really just a reminder for me to do an in-depth checking out after #MERIT18.

Afternoon session involved learning about EduProtocol with Marlena Hebern. Kind of a big fan of the strategies. My table group and I got to practice more ways to do a jigsaw with tech. It seems to be a theme for all my TeacherEd courses. Still need to think about how I’m going to use it in Physics.

My contribution to the Iron Chef Protocols. 

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