Day 3 #MERIT18

This morning, I had the opportunity to sit with some new folks and learned more about Google Expeditions and creating Hyperdocs that would be useful for the classroom. Then learned about more EdTech tools. It’s only Day 3 and my head is spinning with all the information that I want to use right now. Naturally, when I get too many things (and pieces of information), I try to organize it in a way that I can quickly attend to…here’s what my thought organization looks like for today:

Thoughts/Tool Organization

TechTool Application How can you apply?
Hyperdocs MHT Introduction of Design Process
Hyperdocs MHT Maintaining Design Process
Flipgrid MHT Introduction of students + Reply with a follow-up question
Flipgrid Physics Concept understanding + follow-up question with students- not too worried about the writing skill, more concerned with students learning the content.
Explain Everything Physics & MHT Create something for when the subs are gone.
Google Keep LIFE Omg, this is something I’ve always wanted! However, I think Google is trying to rid me of my #erincondren habit.This is fun, I learned that it can “read” my handwriting. It transforms my writing to text.
Google Keep Teacher Life I can keep Rubrics in a category and just drag in my comments rather than taking the time to plan it
Google Photos Life? So I learned that Google Photos is super creepy.


Although Google Keep  will very possibly be my super-duper-favorite Google apps, I don’t think I can ever let go of my very old school way of keeping notes. Please enjoy my #Sketchnote for Day 3 as well as the photo walk collage we took. 

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