Day 6 #MERIT18


Started our day with the importance of giving credit to where credit is due. I kind of imagined that everything on the Internet is “google-able.” But @LisaTeachesTech is right. We have to give credit to all our images, even the ones we contribute to the Interwebz.

Talked about how to use Google Forms with students. I really like the idea of using it as part of an Emergency Contact or for a quick formative check-in. I used it last year as a way to get to know students and for them to practice using Forms…but I didn’t use Forms after that, so that was kind of a waste.

My favorite part of the morning was Slides Karaoke. I love the idea of the using this activity with students to practice presentation skills. It doesn’t have anything to do with content…so that would definitely be fun for the students to make AND show.


Today’s Extra Stuff session was EXCELLENT. @BethGillis totally killed it. I really liked what she had to say about POC teachers not having to be the one to be the representative for all POC. Everyone has a part in decolonizing education somehow.

The writing isn’t great today, but I’m sure somehow my final project will benefit from my lack of writing today.

Day 6 Sketchnote by me- Google Photos

Final Thought: I better get on top of that final project. I need to do it and stop panicking.

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