Day 5 #MERIT18

This post is coming in a few days late, but here it is anyway!

Ramsey Musallam Presentation:

#MERIT18 started the day with a presentation from the very famous Ramsey Musallam. I’m really excited about this because I have heard so much about this man. During my time at USF, my fellow math & science teachers RAVED about the C&I course Ramsey taught. Then, during my interview at SHCP, Ramsey was mentioned enough times for me to make a mental note about looking him up. When I actually got the job at SHCP, I continued to hear about him. A parent actually pulled me aside and told me that I could benefit the students by learning from him. Two years since accepting the job at SHCP, here we are. Thanks to my excellent carpool buddy Felicia Suminski for snapping this photo. I was totally nervous about the curriculum I was writing and thinking about. He made my ideas so much better. Then I got really dizzy from all the ideas and everything I wanted to do for the next school year.  


Jon Corripo Presentation: More about eduprotocols. It was excellent! I now know what an appositive sentence is…again!


Frayer Model I made with Jon Corippo:

Frayer What__

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