Day 7 #MERIT18

Getting things done…

When I saw today’s directives, I was sure that we were making ONE video, and it was going to happen TODAY. Turns out, we made a ton of things. I made an infographic, video, and I think I made other things.

MERIT By the Numbers

My head is spinning, and I find myself REALLY scratching my head.

TPACK- Well, now what I know what TPACK is. Technology is not the center of the lesson, but it’s just the tool. Much like the brick my Kumu Hula used as his technology. (Referencing: Hula Class + Education)

And yes, I really am freaking out a whole lot. I enjoyed the day because I was able to play with some different ways of screencasting and other things. So much information today and the only way I could cope was drawing it out. So, I present to you, my #sketchnote.

[Will insert when I can find the file…It’s been such a whirlwind, I don’t know where my images are being saved..]


Maybe you can enjoy this video I made with @bribriggs in the meantime:


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