Day 8 #MERIT18

Who Are You?

Well, @fel_ski and I ended up in one of the most awful traffic jams that I can remember in my commuting life. PLUS to this is that we thought of starting a Voxer chat with @LisaTeachesTech to communicate about us being late. We learned how to use the app while we were stuck in the jam. Another fun little thing we saw was a white car who had TAPED binder paper to their license plates and wore a mask. I guess people will really do anything to hide from technology?

Beth thoughtfully guided us through the Who Are You? icebreaker. I thought she did a great job of it. I found myself continuing to dislike the question. I don’t want to make “I am a teacher.” my identity, but yet that was my initial introduction to my new #MERIT18 friend. I think I need to get better at telling my story rather than just stating surface-level identities.

Are we really almost done?

I cannot believe that it’s already Day 8. The feelings of fright and panic from Day 1 has not completely gone away. Rather, it kind of evolved to a different kind of fright and panic. Instead of the unknown causing my anxiety, the looming deadlines replaced the unknown. We started off our time together using GSuite apps, and we end our time by using those said apps.

I ended up spending a lot of time #sketchnoting my thoughts because my brain is old school. I think better when I’m writing out what I’m thinking and how it connects together. I found out during my time at #MERIT18 is that I can totally use my old school thinking methods and still produce a modern-day presentation product. I am so grateful to wevideo and KCI for gifting us with the Premium capabilities for wevideo. It’s so much easier to use than iMovie.

Not a box brainstorm.png
This is my #sketchnote of my brainstorm of my #MERIT18 summer project. 

@MissMLMedrano out!

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