Day 3- Perspective

Agenda: FCI, Class Expectations Document, Finish iso/ortho intro, mat plans, HW: discussion

Makers took the FCI today. I was mostly interested to know how well they retained their physics content knowledge from freshman year. I’m curious to know which students are in the honors programs and how the curriculum was taught. Basically, I want to know how much more was retained (or not retained) using the Modeling Instruction. One of my colleagues dropped by and noticed a name that she had as a freshman. He scored a 87%! Block 1 averaged to be a 46% and Block 3 averaged to be a 41%. That seems to be pretty good considering they had Physics freshman year…I think.

MHT Expectations.png

Students wrote in the document what they expected of each other (including the self) for the year. Respect is the theme, but I think we need to redefine the meaning of respect. We will have conversations about phone use and dress code mostly.

There seemed to be a lot of confusion on perspective surrounding the iso/ortho drawings. Students were given the front, right, and top views of a structure. Then they had to draw the iso picture plus the orthographic views in the standard format. Identifying the front from the ortho views plus shading it in for the iso views proved to be a bit tricky. Block 3 didn’t finish and get to the Mat Plans on time. So I’ll have to cover that for them next class.

Block 1 started the mat plans. There was some discussion between students about whose structure was correct. I think I’m going to include an answer key that shows a different structure than the one the majority drew. Teaching perspective is somewhat new to me. I’m totally open to any tips from anyone!

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