Day 4- more practice.

I think the order of the drawing practices need to be clearer. How do I present isometric and orthographic views to be more aligned with the principles of Modeling Instruction? I like how we did the mat plan discussion, but maybe not so much so as a Schoology discussion. Perhaps creating a packet as we do for Physics would help with the organization and the flow of the practices.

IMG_0371This time around, everyone seems to be doing much better. The lines are straighter and it’s beginning to look more like the 3D models. At first our lines were going in different directions and made it difficult to see the models, but after some practicing, it looks great! They’re also having an easier time seeing the front, right side, and top views from the isometric drawings. I like that they’re collaborating together and checking each other’s work.

I’m very curious and excited to see how their buildings are going to look. One of the students gave me a great idea to do a photo scavenger hunt. I think San Francisco has so many interesting buildings. But I also do recognize that not all the students live or work in San Francisco, so it might not be possible. Maybe I can just make a more generic architect photo scavenger hunt.

I might have to redo all the sample photos so that the front is much clearer. I think one of the drawings had both sides shaded and students had a hard time determining which was shaded more.

Next class, we will take Schoology Assessment. I want to find a program that will allow me to draw or redraw these photos so that the students have a better version…or maybe one that’s not available on the Interwebz.


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