Day 9- Quiz, Iso Name, College Dorm Planning Day 2

We took our very first pencil and paper quiz. Students had to convert mat plans to iso/ortho views of the structure. Most of the students did well. Quite a few misread the front. I think we’ll have to review where the front is on a mat plan. Very few students struggled and asked for cubes so that they can have it in their hands. The point of this was to visualize without the cubes as aid, but I’m still conflicted about taking that away from them.

Their isometric name projects were due today. Most of them did a really good job. Here are a few of them.

I’m really pleased with how creative the students got with their names. I encouraged them to let their personalities show. Some (very few) took the opportunity that I gave in class to get started on their name projects. For the most part, I think they came out really great!

Then I had students work on their college dorm buildings. There was still a lot of brainstorming happening. I tried to get them to see that they needed to start drawing so that they can meet the September 19 deadline. I’d like for them to meet the deadline without being under great stress. Somehow, time management skills need to be incorporated into the teaching…not just an after thought.

Here are some photos of their progress:

We had a discussion on the importance of creating a building beautiful and functional in AND out. One of the groups decided they were going to build their dorm inspired by the UC Santa Cruz banana slug. (Goooo Slugs!) One group used 3D Builder that came with the Microsoft Surface to do the drawing. Another group used Fusion 360 to do their drawing. Next year, I’d like to use Fusion 360 or SketchUp to complete these drawings.

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