Day 10 MHT- Field trip to Chorus Room

MHT students went across the street to the DePaul campus to see the construction of the chorus room. It was supposed to be ready by the end of the summer, but there were some complications. One of the main complications was that the hole (or something like it) required by HVAC could not be supported structurally. The design team had to then go back and redesign it so that it would fit all the requirements. Another complication was that the door needed to be bigger. I’m also writing this a week and a half later, so my memory of what happened isn’t great.

What I do remember are the students becoming obsessed with building codes. Someone asked about building codes for ADA and for residential. There were a few students who were trying to make prison cells as dorm rooms, and it turns out that there are requirements. (It was a great lesson in treating every person humanely.)

Overall, the students learned some things that were incorporated into their projects. They do presentations tomorrow. (This part I’m really excited about!)

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