Class 12 Physics- Proportional Reasoning

We had a Physics Learning Team meeting, and we looked over where we are today compared to what we did last year. We are behind. I know that we took an extra day to make sure we really knew how to write the Claims and Evidence for the CER (Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning). However, I’m unclear to where the time went.

Last year, we wanted to include a Proportional Reasoning lesson because we do a lot of Proportional Reasoning thinking throughout the year. This year, was Take Two for this lesson. At the beginning, most of the students seemed to be tuned out because the math was so easy. We made it easy so that we wouldn’t be teaching math, but the proportional thinking. Because I lost so many of them so early, maybe we should make the math part a little bit harder.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 4.03.03 PM

This was the first question we gave after the Proportional Reasoning Intro. Here is the Proportional Reasoning document: Proportional Reasoning document. Then we gave this as the first practice problem. The first block informed me that I needed to go over the meanings of coefficient and variable. Then we went over how to isolate the variable by using the opposite operation. Once we got to the algebra, it was easy enough.


Both Mrs. F and I decided that we should include some sort of table. Such as this one to the right. It was much easier to see what the coefficients are. However, it wasn’t so easy to see the coefficient that match the variable. Also, it was hard to see that delta x is one variable.

There are still quite a few kinks to work out, but I think we’re getting better each year.

This year, I also made it a requirement to reflect on how we did on the quiz PLUS what we can do better next time. Students who got a 100% saw it as something that they didn’t need to do. However, with growth mindset, we can always do better or improve something. Somehow, that message didn’t come across as strong as I hoped it would.

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