CS with Sheena Vaidyanathan

Today’s Professional Development was extremely successful at KCI at Foothill College. I learned some clear and helpful applications in teaching the “Hacking” portion of the Making, Hacking, & Tinkering class. We’re not quite at hacking stage yet, but hopefully, we can be. I relearned some important coding language protocols and how to think about programming. I do foresee some frustration with the students, as I experienced quite a few moments of frustration myself.

Personal Reflection: I’m pretty sure my college counselor during high school, Mr. Jim Patterson, would never say, “I told you so.” But I feel like he’s totally allowed to say it. I took Pascal as an elective during high school because it seemed fun and low risk. When I say that, I mean that my overall GPA probably wouldn’t go up or down too much. But then…I liked it! I had to choose between taking advanced dance or AP Computer Science (and learn C++). I got into a huge fight with my parents and Mr. Patterson about taking dance.

And now…here I am….looking for resources to teach Computer Science. Which…is highly exciting!


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