Leading PD for Tech & Assessments

Today’s challenge was leading a group of colleagues in a PD. My past self signed up to lead something on tech. It’s probably me coming down from a learning high from #MERIT18. I was quite nervous to lead a PD at a high school level. I’ve done a couple PD sessions for unpacking Common Core for math at the elementary school level for people I’ve worked with for a very long time and one for using Catholic social teachings in math for a bunch of strangers. Doing this at a high school level…I felt like I was back in high school myself!

I talked about the difference between formative and summative assessments and my own philosophy on integrating tech. I did discuss how Participation grades weren’t a part of the classes I teach because it was hard to measure “participation” for a student trying to meet the standard: “I can analyze a Force vs. mass graph.” After explaining my own background and philosophies, I was able to move forward in the tools I use.

If you’re interested in what I shared, here it is: bit.ly/TechPD2019mlm

Next time, I need to plan it better so that I make the PD last the whole hour…and not the twenty minutes I took.

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