4th Quarter- First Day of School

It is the fourth quarter it should be our last sprint towards the finish line. But it isn’t. I’m finding myself making new material in this last quarter. There were assumptions I made about student knowledge, which in retrospect, I really shouldn’t have made any assumptions. This is great practice for me moving forward. Now, I know to go over communication methods and how to use them.

With distance teaching, I decided to create some infographics for students (and others) to use in determining which communication method to use.

Communication Infographic

I was able to create this with input from my colleagues, students, and my awesome family of course. The conversation I had with students greatly reduced the amount of text-like conversations via email. Students also felt more comfortable signing up for video conference.

During our first week of video conferencing, I found new things to state out loud. For example, make sure to sign in with the name that matches my attendance sheet. Students made poor decisions and used extremely charged words as part of their handles. I also had to ask students to wear at least a shirt when chatting with the class. Our school has a dress code, and I considered asking them to be in dress code for the top half. Instead, I used the opportunity to talk about semi-professional dress (especially since I’m doing my classes in an old college hoodie).

Video Meeting Etiquette

I’m sure new things will arise and I’ll make something for it. It looks like making these flyers and baking are my new coping mechanisms as we all #stayhome during the pandemic.

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