Distance Learning Week 4 & 5

We had practice Distance Learning days scheduled for March 11-12, but then the rest of the Bay Area went into Shelter-in-Place around March 16th. The week before Easter Break, the wonderful Mrs. F and I discovered¬†SlidesMania templates. We both thought of using it somehow, but then forgot to tell each other. I thought I’d try it out with my Physics freshmen students. It was the best way to go since our LMS kept crashing due to a sudden surge of users trying to access material all at the same time.

We did Ohm’s Law Lab the week before, which we mostly kept the same. Thank goodness for NSTA in the previous years because we already had it mostly set up so that the students are able to work on the lab pretty independently. This week was just pretty much their practice with using the Ohm’s Law equation and proportional reasoning.

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 4.30.02 PM

A lot of the students really enjoyed doing these slides. Here’s a screenshot of one of the student’s feedback. It’s only now that I realized I didn’t edit all the slides’ templates. I am so grateful for SlidesMania.com for creating this template. I took a look at their site, and it looks like they’ve added more templates since I created this April 6-9 slide deck.

If you’re interested, here’s what I created for April 20-24. This begins the exploration of Series & Parallel Circuits. Normally, this part is a lab that students complete in groups. Last year, I had the students complete everything on slides and then create a video instead of writing out their Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning. (One of the feedback from the upper class science teachers is that the students are all CER’d out.)

Mrs. F created a bunch of little videos to accompany the assignments, so I thought I should the same…then I petered out toward the end and ended up using her Wrap-Up videos. Hope you find this useful and enjoy!

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