Day 7: System Schema

I really should have been documenting what happened since Day 1, but it’s been such an overwhelming ride. I think today was the first day I actually felt great about what I’m doing. The first couple weeks included more than a few breakdowns.

As we all know, Mrs. F is a brilliant educator and one of the most hard-working people I know. She’s definitely carrying our Physics team! I’m sharing one of the exercises she shared with the group.

System and State Diagrams from Block 4

We whiteboarded some System and State Diagrams with given situations. This was done on Google Slides, and students were able to work on their slides as a group. This particular class got the System Schema before we whiteboarded. In reality, I should have whiteboarded before covering System Schema. I thought they did such a good job with using the tools for Google Slides that I’d share it with you all. They spent a lot of time of trying to draw the bicycle and the person using lines, then one of their group members discovered that you can take images and included it into your slide.

I enjoyed seeing everyone’s work all at once in Grid View on Google Slides.

I was able to hop into a Breakout Room when I saw students not making progress or getting stuck. It was also nice to get the chance to use a new tool to show our Physics learning. I think the students got a pretty good handle on the content, and I’m really happy with the way today’s lesson came out.

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