Functions and More State Diagrams

We started today with discussing functions. We defined it and then went onto write functions in Pyret. This part, I enjoyed very much because I found it easy to do. I liked that we had to write down our thoughts and the template before typing it into Pyret. There were some questions about spacing, but I think that’ll be over after the first few moments of coding. We moved into coding state diagrams. It was very exciting to see that our code worked after working on it together in small groups.

Back to Stations…

We went back to discuss our stations. I think my group had the ball drop. We went into Jamboards to show the initial and final states, and everything in between. At least, that’s how I understood the instructions. When we went into bigger small groups, I realized that I understood it wrong. Most groups wrote the conditions that everything happened (i.e., on table, moving forward, pressed together, fully wound, etc.). Then we were asked to group them together based on…well it was up to us. One group grouped them based on position, direction, binary, and miscellaneous. Our group grouped them into position, movement, direction, shape, etc.

Then….magic happened here.

I was so engrossed in Jess’s storytelling that I was in it for the ride and the pure enjoyment of being a Physics student. Next thing I know, my side convo chat with my colleagues was going OFF. We had no idea how we arrived where we arrived. The way that conversation and discussion moved us into transfer and arrangements was so brilliant. I felt like I had an implicitly better understanding of energies, but then I’m going to need a replay of that so I can do it as a teacher.

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