First 2 Days of Physics #cmpfb

Alleluia! We are back in person. It’s not exactly back to pre-pandemic times. We are masked indoors (so yes, that means the classroom) and the windows have to be open. Right now, the Bay Area weather is lovely so I’m happy to have the windows wide open and to be outside to enjoy lunch. I’m hoping that we will be 100% vaccinated and that the restrictions be lifted by the time the cold and rainy days hit.

First Day of School with Ms. Medrano

I realize now that this blog has just been an ongoing diary of what I do so that I don’t forget what I did the next year. So hopefully, I took great footage this year to remember how to setup for next year! It is a different experience starting in-person this year after getting into the groove of virtual/Zoom teaching. I can’t wait until I find my rhythm.

Day 2: Ms. M tried to do too much

When I teach both AP CSP and Physics in the same day, I’m teaching 4 classes. Most teachers only have 3 classes to teach, so I’m going to need to accept the fact that it’s going to be a practice of endurance. I was describing to former students what I tried to do in class today, and one of them said, “Ms. Medrano, why you do them like that? They’re just getting used to high school!” Block 1 students offered the feedback that things are just all over the place. I listened and adjusted a ton for Blocks 2 & 3. For next class, Block 1 will definitely slow way down.

Write It, Do It took about 30 minutes, but we didn’t have the notebook system in place just yet. Today, papers were flying. Students were confused about what papers they were receiving and where they should put it. It was through no fault of theirs as papers did look like they were flying in the classroom. Also, maybe we felt this way because we didn’t have to deal with a bunch of paperwork in a digital learning environment.

Next year, I should just do a notebook setup session. Get our organization and workflow down so that when we add in our activities, we know the system. After Block 1, I found out that it was a good idea to have the students names on their notebooks. I found a couple of notebooks left behind without names. Oops! For Blocks 2 & 3, I made sure that their names were printed on labels with subject and block.

I finally had some rhythm by the time it came to Block 3. I had them tape their Syllabus to the first page. Table of Contents for pages 2-6. Learning Objectives were taped to page 7. Write It, Do It was taped to page 8. During some down time, we numbered the notebook pages. I told Students to be careful while numbering. Sure enough, we found a couple rushed numbered pages. Luckily, we caught it early, and NOT when they reached the 100’s only to find out that it was back in the 10’s!

Students for the most part have been super awesome and willing to go with the flow. I am lucky to be their teacher this year!

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