Amelia Bedelia and Pyret #cmpfb

Physics Day 3

Today, I planned to do a notebook setup, go over the syllabus, finish Vector Force, and do a team challenge activity with Solo cups. What actually happened: barely got through notebook setup, rushed through syllabus, did not touch Vector Force, Block 3 did the team challenge with the cups…and had them start on their homework.

I once again planned way too many things for Day 3. It’s a bunch of boring stuff, but I think what needs to happen is that one of the first days just needs to be dedicated to setting up their Physics Interactive Notebook. I think it’s a waste of class time, but it’s super valuable for the rest of the year for setting up a system.

Physics Day 4

My new agenda thanks to!

I think today was the first day I actually feel successful with what I did in class. I carried out what I actually planned to do. I had students introduce each other to the class. This started out our practice of getting up in front of the class to explain the whiteboards. Also, this was practice for the class of using each other’s pronouns! I’m glad I asked.

For Vector Force, I ended up assigning it as homework, but the shortened version. The tasks they had to do were basically sign up for Desmos, sign up for, fill out a Google form. Then we started the #cmpfb work. We went over some classic Facebook arguments about simplifying expressions and the importance of the Order of Operations vs. understanding the beauty of arithmetic. Then we started Pyret. It was good timing because some of the 9th graders realized during class that they didn’t have their computers with them. (Oops!) One of them did say that they were really fortunate to have their parents be dedicated to their schoolwork that they would drop it off at school for them!

Overall…..great Day 4. Day 3 needs work.

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