Day 3- PEMDAS is “wrong”

Today, students were introduced to why PEMDAS is “wrong.” First, we went through a couple of viral math problems in class. I forgot to include these in my slides, so I picked a couple from Google and forgot to actually work it out before showing students.

We had some fun with these problems and there were some answers I had never seen before. I believe 9 5/8 was oneo f the answers. The students immediately came out of their shells and passionately argued for their answers. It was interesting to see that some students did not budge. After, we watched a YouTube video that explains why PEMDAS is “wrong.”

Between the Amelia Bedelia video and this video, the idea of clear and agreed communication became even more apparent. Students really understood that it was important to get a sense of where the other person is coming from and come up with agreed upon rules to properly communicate their. messages. When we started Pyret, students were really excited to come up with feedback to contribute to our Feedback Fiesta on our Schoology page. I was really excited that students wanted to contribute to a group study page of all the things that could malfunction with Pyret. Hopefully it continues throughout the year.

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