Day 4- Observation Stations Part 1

Since we ran out of time last class, we started the class by completing Pyret WS1. This is the worksheet where they type out a series of expressions in the Interactions Side of the editor. We came up with some things that we noticed after completing the exercise.

Each block noticed slightly different things. Because I want them to work in their notebooks, I’m modeling what they should be writing in their notes. I’ve been using the GoodNotes app on the iPad, and then uploading the PDF to Schoology. Students have said that they appreciate this so that they don’t have to find a notes buddy for those who have them in their IEP plans.

We started the Observation Stations. The three stations we went with were: popper, ball drop, and ladybug (wind-up toy). I’m not sure why I went with rubbing hands first instead of ball drop last year, but it didn’t seem to make too much of a difference. Last year, I feel like our conversations with the Whiteboarding went better. This year, the students seem to be more bashful. However, I suspect that because we didn’t complete our introduction to the physicists that we have this bashfulness.

Overall, I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like things are running slower even though I’ve cut out a bunch of the beginning of the school year stuff. Well, I do know that the Block 3 class had at least 30 minutes less class time because of the scheduling, but I don’t think we should really be this far behind. I wonder if it’s because I know more and trying to get students to the end faster…or if it’s because it was fresher in my mind/muscle memory last year. Either way, I need to pick up the pace as my colleagues are blowing through their lessons! Whew!

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