Days 9 & 10: Whiteboarding System Schema & State Diagram

For the sake of time, I wanted to skip this whiteboarding session. During the #cmpfb sessions, they could not stop emphasizing how important this session was. So naturally, I thought it’d be a good one to skip. After talking it over with Mrs. F., it was determined that I should not skip this board meeting.

I’m so glad we went through it. We took photos of the whiteboards because we didn’t finish all the presentations in one class. The students did a great job of asking questions about the system schema each other’s whiteboards. They didn’t do a great job of asking about the state diagrams. I think that there was too much emphasis put in the details of the position, shape/orientation, and motion that they missed the big idea: State Diagram should show a change in position and that each object in the diagrams should be in the System Schema.

Day 10: board meeting continues

First we did our Game Day Prep (which is just a drawing state diagrams and system schema quiz). Mrs. F in 404 wrote an awesome Review for students to complete. I don’t think we emphasized the same things due to a difference in opinion. But we covered the same things for the most part. Then we did the Draw It! discussion. This is where I tell them to draw “it.” Some blocks took longer than others, but eventually, we got to thinking that they needed to know the shape-name(size, composition, color). I wrote it like this for them on the board (and continue to write it like this) so that they get used to seeing the name of the function and arguments of any function.

We finished the ladybug portion of the board meeting, and for the most part, the students were really good at telling a story. I don’t think I’ll emphasize the position, motion, and shape as much as Mrs. F in 404 did. Last year, we did it as suggested from the #cmpfb workshop. I found a great deal of success, and Mrs. F thought it didn’t go well for her. This year, I don’t think it’s going well for me. So I might just revert back to the way I learned how to present the information.

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