Day 25- Flipgrid Forces + Diagrams

I wanted to hear student voices that don’t normally speak up in class to see if they really truly understand the concepts that we’re covering. The Forces unit usually is a make or break for the freshmen for the rest of the year. Few students can pull it together after Christmas vacation to improve onContinue reading “Day 25- Flipgrid Forces + Diagrams”

Day 24 Physics- LeBron defies gravity

Today, we had our Types of Forces discussion. I went over the slides that the wonderful Mrs. F created before I came to SHC about the types of forces we will use in class. I like this discussion because it allows students to DO some of the information we share. They get to actually experienceContinue reading “Day 24 Physics- LeBron defies gravity”

Day 23- Test and Forces

Last year, my colleage, Mrs. Freudenberg, did an activity with the students using materials and ideas from Kelly O’Shea (@kellyoshea)and Brian Frank (@brianwfrank). Unfortunately, I had a family emergency to take care of, so I don’t even have the memory of doing this activity. With it being my first time, there were a bunch of questions thatContinue reading “Day 23- Test and Forces”

Day 21- It’s Friday!

Today, we whiteboarded some of the homework. I’m really glad we did, because although the students were able to regurgitate some information, there were some heavy misconceptions. Misconception #1 Thought: The position is decreasing as the velocity is decreasing. The object is not accelerating because it is slowing down. Although the position is decreasing, it isContinue reading “Day 21- It’s Friday!”

Day 16- Acceleration Intro

Whoa! I’m not a fan of the class days where I have to do a lot of talking and explaining. The students get bored, everyone gets restless staying in their seats. The discussion was totally worth it. First, we asked the students to draw something fast and slow. We got a lot of fast raceContinue reading “Day 16- Acceleration Intro”

Class 12 Physics- Proportional Reasoning

We had a Physics Learning Team meeting, and we looked over where we are today compared to what we did last year. We are behind. I know that we took an extra day to make sure we really knew how to write the Claims and Evidence for the CER (Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning). However, I’mContinue reading “Class 12 Physics- Proportional Reasoning”

Day 8 Physics-Quiz Preparation

All my Physics related blog posts are probably going to start with I hate how Schoology is down for our freshmen class. It’s really throwing a wrench in my organization and work flow. Over the long weekend, we assigned some homework pages that are meant to be practice for students about graphs and equations. IContinue reading “Day 8 Physics-Quiz Preparation”

Days 5-7: 3 Days of Buggy Lab Discussion

THREE DAYS!!! Three days of discussing the Buggy Lab. It really didn’t help that Schoology is down. I totally messed up and made like three assignments of the same assignment in Google classroom. So naturally, we have confusion. Learning is hard enough without our tools malfunctioning. With this hurdle, listening and paying attention have becomeContinue reading “Days 5-7: 3 Days of Buggy Lab Discussion”

Day 3- 3rd time’s the charm

Update on the LMS malfunction I tried emailing students daily what we did in class and what the homework is. I also placed important due dates for them. Tried to make it as clear as possible…once again…to me. We found out in class that no one reads their emails. So here I am, learning GoogleContinue reading “Day 3- 3rd time’s the charm”