Day 4 #MERIT18

Day 4

Juli’s beautiful #sketchnoting totally inspired me to try doing one with icons provided by The Noun Project.

We got a talking to…tomorrow, we have to find new friends to sit with. Our table of introverts will have to divide and find new friends. Honestly, I’m just trying to keep it together so that I can be useful, but I know that Lisa has a point. I need to branch out. I’m sure someone else in the room can show me a better app to use for my Sketchnoting…and other EdTools.

One thing that stuck with me was what Matt said about blogging. I’ve started many blogs since I was in HS, and he was right. If I felt inspired, then I would blog. But really, more importantly, everyone’s views matter. Although ideas have been blogged and reblogged plenty of times (especially by wonderfully intimidating people), it’s really important to recognize that I also have something to contribute in the world of education.

HELP! I’m addicted to icons…I had to make another doodle on Whiteboard about Spark Learning by Ramsey Musallam, EdD.

SPARK learning.png

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